Thinking about coming to SUNY Geneseo and interested in going to medical school?  If you are asking the question “Can Geneseo get me into medical school?” you are asking the wrong question!!  This is the one you should be asking: “is Geneseo the type of place where I can demonstrate that I am the type of student and the type of person who can become an outstanding doctor?”  Of course, this is not an easy question to answer, and you won’t get the answer by browsing on this website.  You need to study the requirements of the college and the disciplines that you think you might major in to see if they are things that you want to study.  You need to talk with students that are here and see what they like and dislike about the place.  You need to visit the campus and see if it is the kind of environment where you can excel. 

Frequently asked questions

What percentage of Geneseo students get into medical school?’  This is by far the most common question we are asked.  The hope is that this number is the 'magic index' that can be used as a measure of how good a school Geneseo is, or at least a measure of how good a premed school it is.  Unfortunately for students (and parents) struggling to make a decision about which school to attend, there is no such measure of a school; and thinking that there is such a measure reflects a lack of understanding of what it takes to get into medical school (see paragraph above and the question below).  For the ~15 students that go to medical school each year Geneseo has served them very well.  Would they have gotten in to medical school had they gone somewhere else?  For most, the answer is a definite 'yes'; for a few the answer may be 'no'.  And the Geneseo students who didn't get into medical school?  At least some of them would have done better at another institution.  Successful education requires a 'match' between student and school.  The same school isn't 'right' for all students.  Undergraduate schools don't 'get' students into medical school -- the students do this!

“Do medical schools favor Geneseo students?”  From what the medical schools tell us the undergraduate institution of applicants is of very little significance in determining whom they accept. 

“What is the premed environment like at Geneseo?”  Since there is no premed major and premed students are spread out over several departments, all of which have many students interested in things other than medical school, it is hard to say that there is a 'premed environment', let alone try to characterize it.  Many premed students are science majors and these majors are considered quite challenging by most students, premed and otherwise.  

“Is there a premed club?”  No, there is a biology club that has quite a few premed students in it, but it is NOT a premed club.

“I am interested in medical school; should I attend Geneseo over some other school?”   Only if you think it has an environment more conducive to allowing you to demonstrate your excellence than the other schools that you are looking at.