Psi Chi

Douglas Raynor

What is your general area of specialty or interest?

Clinica and Health Psychology

What are your specific research interests?

We are currently examining health behaviors among college students, including physical activity, nutrition, coping with stress, sleep, and substance use.

What are your current active research projects?

(1) Examining changes in health behaviors (i.e., sleep, coping with stress, physical activity, alcohol use) among high school seniors transitioning to their first year at Geneseo.

(2) Examining psychosocial and behavioral correlates sleep quality and quantity among Geneseo students.

(3) Examining motivational factors influencing the decision to engage in either physical or sedentary behavior.

(4) Examining predictors of weight gain over time among Geneseo students.

Would you be willing to work with students as assistants with your research projects at this time?


If yes, how many?


Do you prefer to choose your research assistants yourself or are you willing to be approached by students?

I choose my research assistants usually, but I am willing to be approaches by interested students.

In what aspects of your research are student assistants involved (e.g. data collection, data analysis, hypothesis formation, literature reviews, writing)?

Students are involved in all aspects, depending on the stage of the research process.

Are there any special comments/instructions you would like interested students to know about you, your projects, or what you are looking for?

Students who are interested in participating in my research lab should complete the following courses: PSYC 250, PSYC 251, PSYC 280, and PSYC 368.