Volunteer Policy

The use of volunteers, including student research volunteer, must comply the the Use of Volunteers on Campus Policy and an Application for Volunteer Services must be completed and submitted to Anne Baldwin, Director of Sponsored Research.

Use of Vounteers on Campus Policy

Application for Volunteer Services (See instructions below)

Student Volunteers

College policy requires that students who wish to volunteer their time conducting research or other scholarly projects with faculty members during the summer be officially appointed as volunteers of the College. The volunteer appointment creates an official relationship between the College and the student during the summer months (outside of academic coursework or employment), and provides for insurance coverage.

This requirement DOES apply to:

  • Students who are volunteering their time on summer research/scholarly projects outside of formal coursework or research employee positions (either through College/Geneseo Foundation funds or through the Research Foundation of SUNY on external grants)
  • Student who are using Geneseo Foundation Undergraduate Research Grants or the Dr. Wendell and Barbara Rhodes Research Award during the summer months, if they are not enrolled for academic credit related to their research project or are not employed by the College for summer research (through College/Geneseo Foundation funds or on external grants)

This requirement DOES NOT apply to:

  • Students who are enrolled for academic credit related to their summer research
  • Geneseo Foundation and Follett Higher Education Group Undergraduate Summer Fellowship recipients
  • Students who are employed by the College for summer research (through College/Geneseo Foundation funds or on external grants)

Instructions for Volunteer Appointments:
1. The faculty member and student should complete the Application for Volunteer Services form
2. The "Authorized Appointment Period" should cover all dates on which the student may volunteer research efforts. For the purpose of these appointments, "summer" begins on Monday, May 16th and ends on August 25th.
2. The faculty member should sign as "Department Supervisor" and the student signs under "Volunteer Authorization"
3. The completed form should be sent to Anne Baldwin, Office of Sponsored Research, who will keep a log of summer research appointments
4. Appointments will then be forwarded to the Provost for her approval and then submitted to Human Resources.
5. Human Resources will provide final approval and contact the student volunteer for an oath of office and ID card (as necessary)

Please note that students are not subject to background checks.