Commission on Diversity & Community

On May 7, 1998, President Christopher C. Dahl appointed the President's Commission on Diversity and Community with the following stated purpose:

We seek to create a richly diverse community where students and faculty are actively engaged with a wide range of ideas and where we all have the opportunity to learn from people of diverse racial, ethnic, and social backgrounds. We seek to build an educational community where differences are respected and where individuals from all backgrounds are accepted and participate freely in the teaching and learning process. Dr. Dahl further stated that "Continuing to build such a community at Geneseo is essential to providing a liberal and liberating education for all students." The commission was charged to consider four areas: coordination of diversity effort; recruitment and retention; campus atmosphere; and building community.

To this day, the Commission actively pursues the tenets of its charge and reports regularly on its findings and activities to the president and the college community.