Information Security Course

This short course on Information Security is primarily designed for work study and temporary service student employees at Geneseo. Supervisors are required to have every student that works at the college to complete the course once. The course is available through myCourses.

Geneseo's Information Security Course has three goals:
1.   To inform student employees of their responsibility to protect sensitive information in databases, applications, files, etc. that they work with in their campus job.

2.   To increase student employee sensitivity to this issue so that they can protect themselves from identity theft.

3.   To give student employees strategies they can share with other students to encourage them to protect their own information.

To take the course, go to myCourses and follow these directions:

1. Select "Find a Course" (It's located right under the word Courses, the area that lists your courses)

2. In the Keyword Search box type Information Security

3. When the course shows up in the list, select enroll

4. Return to the home page by selecting Home

The Information Security Course should be listed among your courses.

It will only take about 10 - 15 minutes to complete the course. Students must achieve a 100% on the quiz to receive their certificate of completion. The quiz can be taken as many times as needed. Supervisors should keep certificates of completion and signed confidentiality statements on file for each of their student employees. Please tell your student employees about this course and require them to take it. To increase familiarity with the course and the issue, it is suggested that supervisors also take the course.

Questions may be directed to the CIT HelpDesk at x5588.