What is Dante House?

Dante House is Geneseo's only residential college house run exclusively for first year students.  Residential College houses are academically focused and include ongoing relationships with faculty fellows.  The residents of Dante House focus on global service and citizenship.  Dante House residents also run a current events series and arrange both formal and informal dinners for house members.  Dante House is known for its cohesive community, spirited activities, and support of dedicated, engaged students.


Residents include first-year College Edgar Fellows Program students, some first-year international students, and first-year students who apply to join the house.  These rooms will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis (based on our receipt of your online application), although we will keep a waiting list for applicants who request space after the slots are filled.

Named for the fourteenth-century Florentine author, Dante Alighieri, Dante House honors the spirit of the Italian poet and statesman. Though he suffered exile and loss, Dante wrote and acted against the corruption of the political and religious institutions of his day.  His Divine Comedy is an allegorical journey of education toward reason, integrity, and enlightenment.


To apply to Dante House, you must be an incoming first-year student. Indicate Dante House/Wayne Hall as your 1st choice, 2nd choice, or 3rd choice in your online Roommate Preference Form.  All incoming students will be using our Symplicity housing software to complete their Roommate Preference Forms.