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Residential College houses are distinctive and creative communities in which residents develop their own collective expectations and goals each year.  Each Residential College house has one or more Faculty Fellows who work with students in the community, planning programs, dinners, and service projects.

Members of Writers House will have the opportunity to participate in readings and workshops presented by visiting writers, share their own poetry, stories, journalism, drama, song lyrics, graphic novels, etc. with, other members of the House, work together on student publication, and take courses in the seminar room in Seneca Hall.  Students invited to live in Writers House will be expected to participate in the house's unique culture and to support the community's expectations and goals.

Writers House Fellows

Writers House has a number of Residential Fellows who interact with students in the Hall and help student integrate writing into their every day lives.  Information about this year's Residential Fellows can be found here:


Interested in joining the Writers House community?

Incoming students (including transfer students), current students, and students who are returning from leaves of absence or study abroad experiences are welcome to apply to live in Writers House. 

Our online Writers House application will be available under the Speciality Housing Application on your Symplicity homepage.  Check out the Housing webpage for updates about when and how to apply.


 Writers house Frequently asked questions

What kind of evcnts and activities occur in Writers House?

  • The residents of Writers House have the unique opportunity to make their own decisions about what they want from their experience in the hall.  Residents and staff will work with the Residential Fellows to set up activities, events, and gatherings that will appeal to the residents each year.  Hall poetry readings, open mic nights, book clubs, presentations by visiting writers, a hall newsletter, blogs, etc. are all things that may happen in the hall.  Weekly house teas are also a fixture of Writers House.

Who are the residents of Writers House?

  • Writers House is open to Geneseo students of all classes.  The make-up of the Hall will be close to 25% from each class year as possible (approximately 20 first years, 20 second years, 20 juniors, and 20 seniors).

Do I have to be an English major to live in Writers House?

  • No!  And as a matter of fact, the community is more vibrant when it is composed of writers from a variety of backgrounds and majors as each person can contribute to the community in unique ways and offer a different perspective.  Writers House is open to all types of writers in all majors.

What kind of rooms are in Seneca Hall?

  • The rooms in Seneca Hall are 4-person suites.  Each suite consists of 2-double rooms, a foyer, shower, vanity, and bathroom.

Do I need to apply with a roommate/suitemates?

  • No.  Unlike general suite selection, which requires you to apply as a full suite, students apply for and are selected for residency in Seneca Hall as individuals.  If accepted, you will be filling out a Rooming Preference sheet.  If you have a roommate in mind, who was also accepted to Writers House, you can use this sheet to indicate this preference and if you do not have a roommate in mind, we will use your responses to find someone compatible.

Will I be able to choose my roommate/suitemates?

  • If chosen as a member of Writers House, you will have the option of selecting a roommate or suitemates as long as these individuals were also accepted as members of Writers House.

Will I have the option to homestead in Writers House for future years?

  • Yes. Once accepted into Writers House, residents will be permitted to remain in the hall for as long as they continue to be a supportive member of the community.

What if I have more questions about Writers House?

  • Please contact the Area Coordinator of Seneca Hall.  For the 2015-2016 academic year, this is Noah Willson: or 585-245-5775.  If you're not sure who to contact (as our Area Coordinators do change), you can check the Residence Life staff page, or contact Dr. Meg Reitz, the Coordinator of Residential Education, or 585-245-6363.