During the Summer of 2013, several children expressed an interest in airplanes.  They became fascinated with planes and after reading and looking at books about planes decided to build one in the middle of a very large classroom!  Using all recycled materials, the students planned out their project by first drawing models from pictures they found on the internet and in books.  They then sifted through materials we had and worked collaboratively to solve problems and come up with solutions.  Some of the problems they had to solve were:

1. How do we make this look real and not flat?

2. Where do we put our fish tank? When I am a pilot, I want my fish with me in the cockpit!

3. Where do real pilots keep their planes?

The building team solved problem one by experimenting with building materials and paper. They built and rebuilt until their design was to their liking.    Problem two was easy - they building a stand out of cardboard for the fish bowl and placed it not to close to the steering wheel. Problem 3 required an expert - someone "In the know". So students were given the name of a local pilot who flies out of Dansville airport and his address.  The students composed their own letter and we mailed it at the postoffice. A wonderful replay and pictures of the pilot's plane in its hanger was received within a week!

Documentationairplane 2