Internship Program

Admission Requirements and Procedures

  1. Applicants must be of Junior or Senior class standing and have 24 completed credit hours in the major.
  2. Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 2.85 and 3.0 in the major (exceptions may be made).
  3. Submission to departmental internship coordinator of:
    1. Application form, available at:
      Accounting Internship Application
      General Business Internship Application
    2. Current resume (.pdf)
    3. Degree Evaluation (Web Capp in pdf form)
  4. An interview with the departmental internship coordinator may be required.
  5. Students accepted into the Internship Program will be notified by the department internship coordinator via email.


Registration and Credit

  1. Students cannot register for the Internship Program by themselves. The departmental coordinator completes registration for the internship the first week of classes, upon receipt of the internship contract.
  2. A student completing an internship may not be registered for more than 16 credits (including internship credits) during that semester, without the permission of the Program Director and Dean.
  3. Internship credits will be counted as part of the maximum semester hours allowed within a department.
  4. School of Business internship credits may not be applied toward major degree requirements. Completion of ACCT 395, ECON 395 or MGMT 395 will not count as a required 300 level elective. Internship credits will count toward fulfillment of the 120 credit hours required for graduation.
  5. The maximum number of internship credits allowed toward the 120 credit hours required for the degree is 15, and the grade will be counted in the student's cumulative and major GPAs.
  6. The intern will be enrolled under a department course (Acct, or Econ, or, Mgmt 395) or Intd 395 and will earn a total of 3-15 credits. 1 Credit = minimum of 37.5 hours of work.


Number of Credits        Hours of Field Work Required for Semester




  1. The specific field duties and responsibilities of the intern will be agreed upon by the intern coordinator, faculty director, field supervisor, and the intern, and will be outlined in the internship contract.
  2. Interns should understand that their field supervisor will evaluate their field performance and that unsatisfactory performance may result in the field supervisor's terminating the field placement.
  3. Student interns shall keep confidential any information designated by the sponsor as privileged.
  4. Interns are responsible for providing their own transportation to the internship site.
  5. The course grade will be determined by specific academic requirements which are appropriate to the field placement, and are established by the faculty director. The requirements are:
    1. Mentor Evaluation (35%)
      • The student's internship mentor will complete an evaluation at the end of the internship reflecting on student's performance throughout the semester.
    2. Written report on internship (30%)
      • The student will write a final report reflecting upon their internship experience; details will be provided once contracts are signed.
    3. Presentation (25%)
      • The student will create a final presentation about their internship experience and present it to faculty members and internship mentors for evaluation.
    4. Academic sessions (10%)
      • Academic sessions are 6 meetings for one hour every other week, in person and/or online.

Students interested in obtaining more information on the School of Business Internship Program should attend the Internship Information Meeting held each semester. All questions should be directed to the Director of the Internship Program, Professor Robert Boyd, via email at or in person at South Hall 102.