Mission and Vision

The School of Business is committed to the highest quality in business education within the context of a strong liberal arts tradition.  We offer baccalaureate programs in accounting, business administration, and economics as well as a master's in accounting program that serves students preparing for CPA licensure.

Students acquire strong quantitative, analytical, and communication skills while preparing for professional success in today's complex business environment.  We strive for teaching excellence and recognize that faculty scholarship and professional activities advance application, pedagogy, and our knowledge of business.

The School of Business is distinguished by the quality of its students, a robust professional development program, and a rich array of activities that engage students, faculty, alumni, and business leaders in the educational process.

In support of our mission, we value service to the School, University, and the state of New York, as well as to our professional and academic communities.

Our vision is to be recognized as the top undergraduate school in New York for developing talented business professionals and graduate students who are educated in a liberal arts tradition.