The School of Business

The School of Business is recognized for producing graduates exhibiting professional confidence who will excel in the best practices of business. We prepare graduates to assume responsible leadership positions in professional employment, to enter and succeed in graduate schools and to develop lifelong habits of learning.



The School of Business is located in South Hall. In 2015, the School enrolled approximately 305 Accounting majors, 521 Business Administration majors and 165 Economics majors.


It is a quiet day on campus as our students are on break currently. Please click on the 'Upcoming' events link to see what will be happening soon on campus. Thank you.

Entrepreneurship at Geneseo


Ideas - Analysis - Action




Waitlists are available at: Waitlists for F2016 Google Docs. There are several courses listed and more may be added.


The School of Business is re-vamping the golf tournament. It will be held Friday, August 12 at Ravenwood Golf Club in Victor. Registration starts at 10:30 with lunch. It's a Shotgun Start at noon with a 5:30 buffet dinner to follow. You can register online at We hope to see you there!!!

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