Internships for Academic Credit

  • Integrates academic and work experiences for enhanced learning.
  • Tailored to student and sponsor needs.
  • Amount of credit is based on hours worked (To earn 3 credit hours you need to work 115 hours with the sponsor).
  • You may enroll in between 3 and 12 credit hours.
  • Grade is included in your GPA.
  • This does not count as a 300 business elective.
  • If you take an accounting internship, up to 6 credit hours can be included in your 33 credit hours of accounting requirements.  It may also count as part of your professional experience.
  • Registration is handled by The School of Business

The Academic Component of the Program includes:

  • Each individual is assigned an academic advisor
  • Weekly activity notes
  • Alternative week group discussions
  • Midterm and final sponsor evaluation
  • Written and oral report at end of semester.