Geneseo Insomnia Film Festival

2015 GIFF Elements

1. A group of people (no less than 5) wearing black t-shirts with the word INSOMNIAC visible on the back of them trying to start a flash mob. #FlashMob

2. A garden gnome. #Gnome

3. Either a zoom in or out on the face of a clock installed outdoors. #GeneseoClocks

4. Actor(s) in front of the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Hoover Dam, Stonehenge, Statue of Liberty, The Great Wall of China, or The Great Sphinx. #OnLocation (*cough*GREENSCREEN*cough*)

5. Entire video shot from first person POV *OR* using a selfie Stick #POV *OR* #Selfie

6. A flashback with narration. #Flashback

7. At least thirty seconds of stop motion. #StopMotion

8. Action-packed, martial arts fight sequence. Cheesy sound effects optional. #KungfuFighting

9. Gratuitous use of a sitcom-style laugh track. #FakeLoL

10. Someone running, panicked, from the camera while waving their arms recklessly. #PANIC

11. A character who thinks that they are a Super Hero. #SuperHero

12. A split screen telephone conversation. #SplitScreen

13. A person (or people) floating through space. #ISS

14. A medium panning shot of Bailey. #Bailey

15. A line of people at a dining facility. #QueuedUp

16. A kazoo being purchased for a ridiculous price. #Kazoo

17. A protagonist that only speaks in a language other than English. #Misunderstood

18. Someone wearing a three piece suit or ballroom gown. #Formal

19. A long take of at least 1 minute and 30 seconds (here’s an example from Touching Evil’s opening sequence: ) #LongTake

20. A heated argument about Star Wars being better/worse than Star Trek or Lord of the Rings. #GeekSpeak

You've got 24 hours to write, shoot, edit and post a 3-minute video... GO!

Your team will compete for prizes against other SUNY Geneseo students in an attempt to create the most witty, interesting, and creative video. This is a chance for students of all talents to flex their creative muscles and demonstrate their skills, whether they be writers, actors, videographers, or editors. Rally the troops and get started!

New for GIFF 2015

All prize levels have been increased by $100!



2014 - First Place
Blue Team

2014 - Second Place

2014 - Third Place
Googly Eyes
Team Goat

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Timeline (2015)

Registration Opens
Spring Break Begins
Spring Break Ends
Registration Closes
Pre-Event Meeting
4:30pm, Brodie 239
More details
GIFF Begins!
5:00pm, Brodie 239
5:00pm, Brodie 239
GREAT Day Awards

Time and location TBA
More details

Last Year's Prizes

Checkout the *NEW* 2015 prize amounts!

First Place
$400 in Amazon Gift Cards

Second Place
$300 in Amazon Gift Cards

Third Place
$200 in Geneseo Bookstore
Gift Cards



Video submissions will be judged by a panel of five SUNY Geneseo Faculty and Staff. Each judge will use a subjective zero to five scale in each of the following categories:

  • Impact: Did the judges laugh? Did they cry? Did it make them think?
  • Cinematography: Was the the video visually compelling?
  • Story: How well written, thought-out and portrayed is the story being told using the elements provided?
  • Gestalt: How did the totality of the video strike the individual judge?

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