Bachelor of Arts Degree
with Certification in Secondary Education

The BA with Secondary Certification combines a strong major in mathematics with unique professional preparation for teaching in the secondary school classroom. Training in content, methodology, and field experience are supervised by mathematics faculty. Our graduates are in demand as teachers, both statewide and nationally.

Basic Requirements (36 credits): 

The following courses are required of all mathematics majors seeking secondary certification.

MATH 221Calculus I4 credits
MATH 222Calculus II4 credits
MATH 223Calculus III4 credits
MATH 230Programming and Mathematical Problem Solving3 credits
MATH 233Linear Algebra I3 credits
MATH 239Introduction to Mathematical Proof3 credits
MATH 324Real Analysis I3 credits
MATH 330Abstract Algebra3 credits
MATH 335Foundations of Geometry3 credits
MATH 341
MATH 361*
Probability and Applied Statistics

3 credits
MATH 390History of Mathematics3 credits

* Be aware that MATH 360 is a prerequisite for MATH 361.

Elective Requirements (3 credits):

Students can tailor their program to academic interests and career goals with an elective choice. Students must take at least 1 additional 3 credit course at the 300-level. A list of these courses and their descriptions can be found here:  List of Courses


Minimum Competence Requirement
A grade of C- or better is required for ALL courses submitted in fulfillment of the major in Mathematics. Students may not enroll in any course having prerequisites unless the minimum grade of C- has been earned in the prerequisites or unless special permission has been granted in writing by the Chair of the Mathematics Department. Prerequisite courses may not be taken after successful completion of any subsequent course.

Total Credits Required for the mathematics major: 39


School of Education Requirements:

For Certification (Go to Certification Calendar)

INTD 203Social Foundations of American Education3 credits
EDUC 204Dimensions of Teaching4 credits
SPED 205Teaching Secondary Learners with Special Needs3 credits
EDUC 215Foundations of Literacy in the Secondary School3 credits
INTD 301**Topics in Secondary Education: Mathematics3 credits
INTD 302**Methods and Materials: Mathematics3 credits
EDUC 303Field Experience: (Adolescence Education)3 credits
EDUC 340/350**Student Teaching12 credits
PSYC 216Adolescent Development3 credits
H&PE 350Health and Safety Issues in the Schools1 credit

** Taught and supervised by the Mathematics Department.