Teacher Certification Application Instructions


PART I: The TEACH System

Setting up TEACH

  • First, you must create an NYSED TEACH user login and password.
    • Click “Create an NY.gov TEACH account” and follow the instruction provided to self-register. It is suggested that when you register, you use a personal email, not your Geneseo email.
    • Once you have created your account, you can access it by clicking “Login to TEACH.” Enter the username and password you created and click the login button.
Historical Program Codes (Use for degrees before 2018 )

PART II: Applying for Certification

https://geneseo.na4.documents.adobe.com/public/esignWidget?wid=CBFCIBAA3AAABLblqZhAGRSzdhgxj8zZ-EH4C-t9k0DoFg9MEPAus_a1WjiIC1lIQCLBpRQGe6CiJiFhT9iw*Step 1 - Verify/Update Profile

1. Login to your TEACH account

2. Click on the box that says, “TEACH Online Services”

3. Click on “Apply for Certificate” under the Online Application heading

4. Read the information provided and click “Next” (bottom right) to continue

5. Click the “Edit Education” box

     a. Provide your college education information using the Teacher Certification- Institution SUC Geneseo Chart  to help you

     b. Once submitted, this cannot be edited

6. When finished, click the “add” box (bottom right)

7. Confirm that your education information is accurate by clicking the “next” box

8. Read the information provided

9. Use the table below to guide you through the drop-down boxes section

Step 2 - Select Certificate(s)

*For dual certification childhood candidates, select your edTPA certification first . You will complete this process twice
(your first one for your edTPA, and the other certification second). Applicants must go all the way through and sign their affidavit for one certification BEFORE they can select their second certificate.

*Adolescence Science candidates, you will complete this first in your content area (major) and complete it a second
time selecting “extension” as the subject area and “General Science” as the grade level. Applicants must go all the way through and sign their affidavit for one certification BEFORE they can select their second certificate.

10. Enter the program code found in the Teacher Certification Program Code Chart.

11. When finished, click “Submit” then “Next”

12. Under Review Type , select “I want my application to be reviewed by the State Education Department"

13. Click "Next"

Step 3 - Sign Affidavit

14.  Proceed with reading and answering the questions that follow under the headings: Certification Regarding Child Support & Moral Character Determination

15.  When finished, sign the affidavit by clicking the “Sign Affidavit” box

Step 4 - Confirm and Sign Application

16.  Read the next page and sign the application by clicking the “Sign Application” box

Step 5 - Make Payment

17. You will then be taken to the checkout section and prompted to make a payment ($50 per certificate)

PART III: College Recommendation

IMPORTANT: You MUST complete your Graduation Application before completing this last step. View the Graduation Records webpage for information about how and when to submit the Graduation Application.

Once you have completed the Graduation Application AND certification application through TEACH, you must submit your application information, along with a $10 processing fee. The one-time, $10.00 fee covers the processing of Recommendations to the NYSED system and is separate from the $50 fee paid to NYSED to complete each certification. Please submit your payment and TEACH documentation online.



Login to your TEACH account


Click on the box that says, “TEACH Online Services”


Click on “Account Information”


Scroll down and click on “Certificates” and select “Submit”


Take a screenshot of the page (biographical information and certificate application)  Note: if you need to capture in multiple screenshots, you will need to add all screenshots to a single document in order to complete the next step

Required TEACH information #1 includes the section titled Person Information. This section lists applicants personal identifiers which is important to ensure Recommendations are issued to the correct applicant.

Personal information detailed graphic


Required TEACH information #2 includes the section titled Applications. This section is a listing of each credential completed. This information is necessary to issue Recommendations for each certification requested.

Credentials detailed graphic


Complete the online Google form and upload the screenshot taken in Step 5. Once you submit the online Google form, a confirmation page appears with the link to pay the $10 processing fee.

NOTE: Your recommendation will not be processed without receipt of the application information and processing fee. 




After completing all other requirements, students who complete a fall semester Student-Teacher Certification and wish to participate in an early May Commencement ceremony are eligible to complete a Commencement Participation Exception Request seeking approval to "walk" in commencement early. 

Students graduating in December can participate in the May Commencement ceremonies before or after their December graduation date, but not both.  Apply to graduate by December and answer 'Yes' to the question asking if you wish to participate in Commencement Ceremonies.



NYSED Office of Teach Initiatives- Initial Certification

NYSED Office of Teach Initiatives- Professional Certification

Classroom Teacher Professional Certificate Experience Requirement

Pathways to Certification

TEACH Online Services is available to you 24/7 to enter your application and check the status of your application.

TEACHHELP Technical support is available by telephone Monday-Friday 8:00 am -4:00 pm at (518)486-6041 or 24/7 via email. These venues are only able to support technical assistance as you access TEACH Online Services.

NYSED has recently modified the TEACH application pages. Please notify the Graduation Records Office if you encounter issues with these instructions, or if you have any difficulty with your application.