Reporting Damages, Shortages & Return Authorizations

Any problems with delivered supplies, equipment, furniture, etc. should be reported to the Purchasing Department immediately.  Unless the Accounts Payable Office is advised by Procurement Services to withhold payment because there is a problem, they will process the invoice as normal.

Reporting Damages or Shortages

Please be sure to check all boxes, packages, envelopes, etc., for shortages or damages IMMEDIATELY upon receipt.  Call Sue Reynolds at 245-5100 if any items are in dispute, such as damaged or incorrect items.  Send any invoices and/or packing slips received within your department to the Accounts Payable Office in Erwin Hall 217 with a note indicating the applicable purchase order number (or purchase requisition number).

Return Authorizations

All returns must be coordinated through the Procurement & Property Control Services Department.  Please call Sue Reynolds at 245-5100 IMMEDIATELY for additional instructions.  Please be advised that vendors often have time limits for returned items and/or may charge a restocking fee which is often 10 - 20% of the purchase price and sometimes more. Once a department asks Procurement Services to return an item, and it has been properly packaged and readied for return, Procurement Services will coordinate pick up and return of the item by Central Receiving.  Please do not leave any packages on the Central Receiving loading dock, unless directed to do so by Procurement Services and/or Central Receiving.

Adhering to the above procedures will enable Procurement Services to track returned items should it become necessary.  If a package is returned to the vendor by a department with no way for Procurement Services to track it, and should become lost, the department may be liable for payment of the item.