Invoices/Interest Accrual

When conforming goods and/or services have been received and a proper invoice has been submitted by the supplier and received in the College's Accounts Payable Office, the State requires the supplier to be paid within thirty (30) days from the date it was received (22 days in the State agency and 8 days in the Office of the State Comptroller).  Therefore, the College has only 22 days after the invoice is received in Accounts Payable to perform the following:

  • Obtain receiving paperwork;
  • Verify delivery to the department if there are any questions;
  • Match the invoice to the purchase order and receiving information;
  • Make provision for change in pricing to original encumbrance;
  • Input the voucher information on the SUNY accounting system; and
  • Submit all of the necessary paperwork to the State Comptroller's Office in Albany

When the process runs smoothly, the above tasks are completed well in advance of the allotted time.  However, the cooperation of all involved parties is critical to ensuring these tasks get completed with timeliness, so that interest is avoided.  When an invoice is incorrectly sent to a department instead of the Accounts Payable Office (as directed on the purchase order), the department should immediately forward the invoice to the Accounts Payable Office in Erwin Hall 217 with a note attached indicating the purchase order number to which the invoice corresponds.