Vendor Relations

The Procurement Services Department endeavors to build and maintain professional and courteous relationships with suppliers and sales representatives.  Procurement Services encourages departments to avail themselves of the expertise available from the Procurement staff.  When departments deal directly with supplier representatives, the following tips will help:

  • Identify yourself, tell the supplier you are an employee of SUNY Geneseo, begin your inquiry and ask for State and/or educational pricing.
  • Consult with several vendors to obtain better product knowledge and appropriate specifications for the purchase. 
  • Give the same information to all vendors. 
  • Discuss all aspects of your needs, including installation, assembly, maintenance and supplies.
  • Document all information provided by the suppliers.
  • Request delivered prices and guaranteed shipping time, and secure in writing if possible.
  • When talking to a new vendor, request the vendor’s Federal I.D. number.  This is required on all purchase orders, so please put it on the requisition. 
  • Do not obligate the College by telling a salesperson that she/he has the order.  Only a purchase order signed by an authorized agent of the College can commit State funds.
  • Do not sign any contracts or agreements. The Procurement Services Department must review all contracts and agreements. 
  • Be aware of vendor scams such as “special deals”, especially on copier paper, toner, office products, computer products and maintenance related items.  A vendor may call and say, for example: “Prices go up after the first of the month”, or “This is the last one in stock.”  If you get a call asking to order anything over the phone, tell the vendor that it is against College policy to make purchases over the phone when they are initiated by the vendor, and offer to transfer them to the Procurement Services Department at 245-5100.  Please let Procurement Services know if you hear from a vendor you suspect is perpretrating a scam.