Step 2:  Complete Your Housing Application

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Note:  This web page is designed for students who are starting at SUNY Geneseo.  If you are already taking classes at SUNY Geneseo and want information about Housing Selection, kindly consult the Housing Selection 2016 web site.


Getting Started:

In order for you to be able to complete your housing application, you will need to know your Geneseo username and password.  If you want to know how to obtain your Geneseo username and password, refer to the correspondence sent from our Admissions Office to the e-mail address which you provided in your application for admission.

Within 1-3 business days of paying your housing deposit, your Roommate Preference Form (RPF) will be available to you through the Symplicity Residence software.  Simply log into Symplicity using your Geneseo username and password, you will notice a blue box which reads "Get Started" with your housing application, as shown in the image below.


Section by Section Application Guide:

Under applicaitons your Applicaiton will appear  As illustrated in the following screenshot, the RPF is divided into many sections:  1) Welcome to SUNY Geneseo Residence Life!; 2) Personal Information 3) Who are you hoping to live with; 4) Housing Preferences 5) Medical Considerations 6) Additional Information; and 7) Consenting to Residential License.


New Student Housing Information -- Step 2.2


section 1:  Applicant Information and Personal Information and Housing Selection Priority

Much of the demographic information which we need for your housing application, such as your full name, your G-Number, and your Geneseo e-mail address, is entered for you automatically.  You can, however, supply your academic major and your cell phone number.  You are also welcome to describe your gender identity to us, though this is certainly not required.  We understand that not all students identify as either male or female, which is why we believe that it is important to ask about gender identity. 


section 2:  Who are you hoping to live with?

This is a roommate matching questionnaire.  You must complete this matching profile, even if you already know who you want to live with.  Most new students submit their housing applications without requesting to live with a particular roommate.  It is our hope that your completed profile will help us to match you with a compatible roommate.

section 3:  Where are you hoping to live?

You will be able to specify your residence hall style preference in this section, too.  You can preference a corridor-style, suite-style, or townhouse option, though spaces in townhouses will be extremely limited for new students.  You can use the "Special Housing Option" fields to specify your desire to live in a specific type of community, such as a First-Year Experience residence hall, a Substance-Free section, or a Living-Learning Community (LLC) track. However, if you are interested in living in Tesla House, EcoHouse and Writers House you must fill out the Special Interest Housing Applicaiton on the main page. As we mention in the application itself, we are unable to guarantee any of your preferences.  We assign new students to rooms and suites according to their housing deposit date; refer to the Step 1: Pay Your Housing Deposit web page for details.

section 4: Additional Information and Medical Considerations 

Housing Accommodations:Are you eligible for special housing accommodations due to a documented medical concern?Note: All requests for medical singles or for housing in certain residence halls must be approved through the Office of Disability Services (585-245-5112) by the application deadline.

You can use the text box in this section to supply any other information which you want us to know prior to determining your housing placement.  Although the Symplicity Residence housing software will generate most of the housing assignments and roommate pairings, we still read all new students' housing applications.  We would not knowingly place a student who loves peanut butter with a student who is allergic to peanuts!  This is why we welcome any additional information.  Feel free to tell us about your hobbies, your likes and dislikes, as well as any allergies which might impact your relationship with your roommate.

section 5:  Consenting to Residential License

Before submitting your RPF, you should review the SUNY Geneseo Residential License.  The Residential License describes important policies and conditions for living in our residence halls.  It also specifies that, by consenting to its terms, you agree to live in the residence halls for the entire school year (Fall and Spring).  This means that you will not simply be allowed to choose to live off-campus during the Spring 2017 semester.



Submitting Your Application | Saving Application as Draft:

The Symplicity Residence software allows you to save your application as a draft, which is convenient.  But applications which are saved as drafts are not officially submitted.  Therefore, you must remember to submit your application officially by the deadline.  (Click the "Submit Application" button.)



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