Geneseo College Senate

The College Senate is a representative governing body of the Faculty. It is empowered to recommend policy relating to matters dealing with the faculty affairs, student affairs, undergraduate academic affairs, graduate academic affairs, and any other matter of general faculty concern not coming within the purview of one of the Standing Committees of the Faculty; to discuss and express its view on any matter deemed to be of general College or University interest; to make recommendations on any such matters to the President of the College, the College Council, the University Chancellor, the University Board of Trustees, the University Faculty Senate, or any other appropriate individual or body.

The College Senate is the largest and most prominent element of the Geneseo Faculty Governance structure.  Links and documents pertaining to Faculty Governance generally, including the Faculty Constitution and the Faculty Voting site, are at the Geneseo Governance site.

Meeting Dates



Standing Committees

College Senate Bulletin

Agendas and Minutes are published in the College Senate Bulletin, along with all other communications of faculty governance.  Senate meetings often follow this standard Order of Business.  New Senators may find this brief orientation helpful.

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