TLC Programs and Events for Spring 2016


TLC / Online Teaching Discussion

February 9 11:30 AM , Milne 105

11:30 AM to 1:00 PM Interested in teaching online this summer? Want to know what Geneseo's online education program is all about? Then attend our informational panel discussions with Geneseo faculty who have recently taught online.This panel discussion may be of interest to those faculty members submitting the 2016 Online Instruction Curriculum Development Application sent by Dean Savi Iyer.SUNY Geneseo began offering summer online courses in a limited way in 2008, and the program has grown steadily over years. In this panel discussion, Geneseo faculty members will share their experiences with what worked (as well as what didn't work). This would be a good session to attend for those faculty members considering offering a new online course in Summer 2016.Faculty members scheduled to participate in the discussion include:Kurt Cylke (Sociology)Jennifer Katz (Psychology)Cynthia Klima (Languages and Literatures)However, we encourage EVERYONE and anyone who has taught online to come and talk about your experiences.


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