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TLC Innovation Grant Program

Call for Proposals: Academic Year 2019-2020

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) Innovation Grant program is a new, internal funding opportunity for full-time faculty and professional staff members. The purpose of these grants is to support innovative pedagogical ideas from faculty and staff that advance the mission of the TLC including supporting a learning culture that values and rewards teaching, facilitates reflective dialogue about pedagogy, supports the development of teaching as a practice and a scholarly activity, invites innovation in curricular development, and encourages the creation of diverse learning environments in which all students can excel. In addition to supporting teaching resources and extra service pay, these TLC Innovation Grants can also cover professional development/conference attendance related to pedagogy (i.e. teaching conferences) that impact more than one individual faculty member. This broader impact could benefit colleagues in a variety of ways such as shared equipment, software licenses shared with other colleagues or departments, formal public presentations on campus, and/or workshops where others can learn. These TLC Innovation Grants will be awarded to support institutional goals including (but not limited to): classroom innovation, integrative learning, and professional development around high impact pedagogies.

This year we have two deadlines for submitting TLC Innovation Grant proposals:

Fall 2019: Friday, November 8, 2019 (by 5pm)

Spring 2020, February 17, 2020 (by 5pm)

Grant proposals will be reviewed by the TLC Advisory Committee. A clear timeline for the use of the funds must be indicated in the grant application. Retroactive expenses incurred before the date recipients receive a grant award cannot be funded.

Applicant Eligibility

All full-time faculty and professional staff members are eligible to apply. We welcome applications from individuals or groups of full-time faculty/staff.

Grant Categories and Criteria

We invite applications in two categories, 1. Equipment, Resources, and Travel (up to $1,500) and 2. Extra Service Pay (up to $3,000). Both categories of TLC Innovation Grants must advance the mission of the TLC and impact more than one individual faculty/staff member. This means the grant must benefit you and your faculty/staff colleagues. In addition, the outcomes of the proposal needs to align with the mission of the TLC, extra consideration will be given to proposals with goals that advance other specific identified goals of the institution (e.g., Strategic Plan goals, GLOBE, integrative learning, diversity & inclusion, student retention, etc.) or goals of the applicant’s department/program.

1. Equipment, Resources, and Travel (up to $1,500)

This category of TLC Innovation Grants supports resources or travel that address the teaching, scholarly, or academic community needs of more than one individual faculty/staff member. These funds can be used to bring in an outside speaker as a resource to present a seminar or lead a professional development workshop. Funds may be used for an individual or interdisciplinary group of faculty/staff to attend a professional development opportunity (conference, campus/site visit, etc.) that will have a broader impact on campus.

In your proposal, describe the equipment, items, and/or resources for which funds will be used, the desired goals or outcomes, how this grant will impact more than an individual faculty/staff member, and, if applicable, specify the timeline for completion. If requesting travel funds, the application should include a thorough description of the professional development opportunity. We encourage these funds to be used for attendance at teaching/pedagogy conferences. Finally, your proposal should specifically note how the outcomes of the grant will advance the mission of the TLC and SUNY Geneseo institutional goals.

Examples could include:

  • Bringing an expert(s) to speak on campus or run a professional development workshop,
  • The purchase of multiple copies of books used by faculty, staff, and/or students to further teaching and/or professional development,
  • Travel for an interdisciplinary group of faculty/staff to attend a professional development opportunity (teaching workshop, campus/site visit, etc.) that will also impact other faculty/staff on campus,
  • Classroom or lab supplies shared by a group of faculty/staff,
  • Upgrading or purchasing new software or equipment/hardware used by a group of faculty/staff,
  • International or domestic conference travel in which an individual faculty/staff member will present a paper, serve on a panel, or simply attend the conference (presentation is NOT required) that will impact the campus or work of colleagues at SUNY Geneseo. This conference travel should be focused on pedagogy and not your usual professional research conference.

2. Extra Service Pay (up to $3,000)

This category of TLC Innovation Grants supports extra service pay stipends for one or more full-time faculty/staff members. These stipends can be a one time $500 payment or $1,000/week (for a maximum of 3 weeks) for intersession or summer stipends. Groups of full-time faculty/staff can apply for a grant to split between multiple people (i.e., a $3,000 award could be split between a learning community of 6 people, each receiving a $500 stipend). The application must make clear how this extra service pay will impact and advance your teaching as well as SUNY Geneseo’s goals.

Examples could include:

  • develop Open Educational Resource (OER) materials shared by a group of faculty/staff,
  • redesign a course to include inclusive pedagogy, service-learning, and/or new technology,
  • develop and/or facilitate a learning community (including stipends for the participants.

Recipients who receive this TLC Innovation Grant (in either category) must deliver a presentation on campus the semester after the award in order to impact more than the one individual faculty/staff member at the college. These applicants will also need to describe the group at SUNY Geneseo that would most benefit from this presentation. The TLC Director will help schedule and promote this future presentation.

Application Materials

  • Specify whether you are applying for 1. Equipment, Resources, and Travel or 2. Extra Service Pay.
  • Note the exact amount of funding requested for the applications.
  • Description of no more than 500 words. This description should address all grant criteria so read closely the overview of grant categories and criteria. Describe the proposed activities/items, desired goals/outcomes, how they will impact more than one individual faculty/staff member, alignment with TLC mission and institutional goals, and, if applicable, specify a timeline for completion with a clear end date for when the funds will be spent.
  • Provide detailed, itemized budget for the funding.
  • Attach supporting documentation, if applicable (e.g. CV, IRB approval, vendor cost estimates, other internal or external funding sources).

Review and Approval

TLC Innovation Grants are funded from financial resources from the Office of the Provost. The number of grants awarded will depend on the number of applications received and the amount of the successful requests.

Proposal review and recommendation will be completed by the TLC Advisory Board that includes broad representation of the campus community.

If a member of the TLC Advisory Board applies for a TLC Innovation Grant, then they cannot review applications. Applicants whose proposals were not approved will receive feedback from the committee based on the rubric review criteria. They will also be encouraged to re-apply for the next grant cycle.

Grant Proposal Deadline and Questions

Proposals for TLC Innovation Grants this year are due Friday, November 8, 2019 (by 5 p.m.) and February 17, 2020 (by 5 p.m.).

Hardcopy applications will not be accepted. Complete the Google Form application by 5 p.m. on the deadline date. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of receipt within two business days. Any questions about the TLC Innovation Grants program, please contact David Parfitt, Director of the Teaching and Learning Center (