How to apply for Student Research and Travel Grants:

Step 1: Review the required Application Guidelines and Criteria

Step 2: Download Application: Research Grant Applicaiton (.docx) OR Travel Grant Application (.docx).

Step 3: Download the Faculty Support Form (.docx)  Follow instructions on form and forward to your faculty sponsor

Step 4: Complete application.  Save as a PDF with the filename as your Last Name_First Name (e.g., Doe_Jane.pdf)

Step 5: Enroll in Student Research and Travel Grant Program on myCourses (Directions to enroll in myCourses)

Step 6: Complete the Google Form (accessible through MyCourses) questionnaire

Step 7: Submit the application as a PDF in myCourses Drop Box


Online submissions are due at 4:00 pm on the following dates:

September 12 for Fall 2014 grants

November 7 for semester break and early Spring 2015 grants

January 30 for Spring ’15 grants

April 24 for Summer ’15 (Please note that funds cannot be used until after July 1, 2015)

Questions? Contact Patty Hamilton-Rodgers at or 245-5804