SUNY Geneseo Department of Computer Science

Lecture Record

INTD 105 13, Spring 2014

Prof. Doug Baldwin


These are electronic records of class discussion from INTD 105 13 (Writing Seminar: Secrets and Secret Codes). They are generally captured as a class unfolds, and slightly cleaned up afterwards. They are not clean, carefully-planned lecture notes in the usual sense. They are more an electronic equivalent of notes on the blackboard: they record some of what the instructor said, some of what students said, the things that really happened in the class—including the misunderstandings, false starts, and similar things that happen in real classes. The goal of these notes is as much to help students remember how they learned as it is to help them remember what they learned (because the "how" of learning is at least as important as the "what").

Please make WWW or other electronic links to this page only—I want people reading these notes to see the “caveat” above.

Send comments, questions, etc. related to these notes to Doug Baldwin.

  1. Jan. 21—Introduction
  2. Jan. 23—Substitution Ciphers
  3. Jan. 28—Code-Breaking Peer Critiques
  4. Jan. 30—Ethics
  5. Feb. 4—Theses
  6. Feb. 6—Ethics Essays Peer Critiques
  7. Feb. 11—“The Gold Bug”
  8. Feb. 13—Race in “The Gold Bug”
  9. Feb. 18—Summarizing
  10. Feb. 20—Peer Critiques of Race Essays
  11. Feb. 25—Quotations
  12. Feb. 27—Quoting and Plagiarism
  13. Mar. 4—“The Beale Papers”
  14. Mar. 6—Peer Critiques of Revised Race Essays
  15. Mar. 11—Midterm Exam, no lecture notes
  16. Mar. 13—Enigma Introduction
  17. Mar. 25—Library Instruction, no lecture notes
  18. Mar. 27—Credibility of Sources
  19. Apr. 1—Enigma Wrap-Up
  20. Apr. 3—Alan Turing
  21. Apr. 10—Enigma Essay Peer Critiques
  22. Apr. 15—“Breaking the Code” Act 1
  23. Apr. 17—“Breaking the Code” Act 2
  24. Apr. 22—Peer Critiques of Revised Enigma Essays
  25. Apr. 24—Connecting Writing to Context
  26. Apr. 29—Close Reading
  27. May 1—Countering Objections to Your Argument
  28. May 6—Peer Critiques of Breaking the Code Essays