Welcome to the Philosophy Department

Engaging in philosophical thinking is essential to a superior liberal arts education. Philosophy enriches thought, understanding, and imagination. By studying philosophy, students confront theoretical and practical questions about themselves, their social world, and the fundamental nature of reality. Geneseo is a great place to study philosophy. The department is open and friendly. Majors are encouraged to combine Philosophy with other majors. It offers a full curriculum on three levels: introductory courses (100-level), intermediate (200-level), and advanced courses including topical and major figures seminars (300-level). The Philosophy major meets the needs and interests of students who

a) plan graduate study & teaching in the field,

b) intend to go to law school,

c) seek preparation for work in government, business, social service, or any field in which critical thinking is valued, and

d) simply want to think deeply about fundamental life-questions and assumptions.

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