Geneseo's Safe Zone Program


A number of faculty, staff, and students across campus are part of SUNY Geneseo's Safe Zone network. These folks have chosen to have their names listed to share with the college community. 

What does it mean to be Safe Zone Trained?

It means these individuals identify themselves as allies and are to the best of their ability understanding, supportive and trustworthy. Safe Zone members are committed to treating everyone with the dignity and respect they are entitled to as human beings, regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, gender, level of ability, national background or religion. These individuals are committed to educating themselves about oppression, heterosexism and homophobia, and to combating it on a personal level. 

At SUNY Geneseo, Facilitators are trainers who have undergone extensive training by Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley in order to be able to facilitate workshops for the rest of the college.  Participants are members of the campus community who have taken part in a 3-hour Safe Zone workshop facilitated by our cohort of trainers.

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Safe Zone Program Facilitators

To see a list of current program facilitators, view Safe Zone Facilitators.

Safe Zone Program Participants

To see an alphabetized list of current Safe Zone-trained faculty and staff, view Faculty & Staff Safe Zone Allies

To see a campus map and participating Safe Zone faculty and staff offices organized by location, view Safe Zone Network Sorted By Location.

To see a list of students who are currently trained in the Safe Zone Network, visit Safe Zone Network-Trained Students. Current Geneseo students can access other students' email addresses by using the "Directory" on the Geneseo homepage, logging in with your username and password, and searching for a student. Out of respect for students' privacy, their campus address and contact information are not listed.

Training Cancellation Process