How to Update Supplier Information

New State-wide Financial System

The State of New York recently implemented a new state-wide financial system, known as the SFS.  A major change under the new SFS is how vendor records are updated.  State agencies--including SUNY campuses--will no longer have the ability to modify information in the SFS Vendor File.  Under the new SFS, vendors will be responsible for updating and ensuring the accuracy of their Vendor File information. 

How Vendors Update their Information in the SFS Vendor File

The SFS provides two ways in which vendors can update their Vendor File information: an online method and a manual process. 

Online Method for Updating Vendor File Information

To utilize the online method for updating Vendor File information, suppliers first need to call the Vendor Management Unit at (855) 233-8363 or (518) 457-7717 to register for access to the NYS Vendor File by way of NYS Vendor Self Service.   NYS Vendor Self Service is an online application suppliers can use to maintain addresses, contact information, and inquire about the status of a purchase order, invoice or payment.  The online application is the preferred method to perform maintenance to a supplier's NYS vendor account information in the Vendor File.

After calling the Vendor Management Unit to register for access to the NYS Vendor File, an email will be sent to the supplier with instructions on how to enroll in the online Vendor Self Service Application.  The email from the Vendor Management Unit will provide the supplier's NYS Vendor ID and instructions on how to enroll in the online Vendor Self Service application and will include the following information needed to enroll: Web address of self-service screen; temporary login User ID; temporary login password; registration code; and New York State Vendor ID.

In order to complete the enrollment process, each supplier will be asked to accept the Terms of Service in order to enroll.  Suppliers also will be prompted to create a user ID and password to replace the temporary password provided.

If the email instructions on how to enroll in the online Vendor Self Service application was not received, the supplier should contact the SFS Help Desk:

Phone: (855) 233-8363 or (518) 457-7717


Once a supplier has received its registration information from the Vendor Management Unit, the next step is to visit the Bureau of State Expenditures Vendor Management Unit (VMU) Site at:  Once at this site, scroll midway down the page to the heading "Create a NYS Vendor Self Service Account," and follow the instructions.

Manual Process for Updating Vendor File Information

To update their information manually, a vendor will need to complete an Add, Change or Delete Vendor Contact Information form and submit the form to the Vendor Management Unit via email (, fax (518) 402-4212 or mail to:

New York State Office of the State Comptroller
Vendor Management Unit
110 State Street – Mail Drop 10-4
Albany, NY 12236-0001

Who to contact for assistance?

Suppliers should contact the Vendor Management Unit at (855) 233-8363 or (518) 457-7717 with any questions or problems they may experience when trying to update their Vendor File information.

FAQs about "Vendor Self Service" in the SFS

The Vendor Management Unit provides a list of FAQs about the "vendor self service in the SFS" within their Vendor Guide to New York State's Centralized Vendor Management Processes.  College suppliers are encouraged to review this information to ensure the are familiar with the requirements of the new SFS.