Anthropology: Undergraduate Program

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Chair: P. Pacheco
Associate Professors: J. Aimers,
R. Judkins, P. Pacheco, B. Welker
Assistant Professor:
M.A. Medeiros
Adjunct Lecturer: K. Krumrine                                      Visiting Assistant Professor: J. Guzman

Bachelor of Arts Degree
Total credit hours required to complete major: 45

Basic Requirements
ANTH 100 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3)
ANTH 105 Introduction to Physical Anthropology (3)
ANTH 110 Introduction to Archaeology (3)
ANTH 120 Language and Culture (3)
ANTH 208 Classics in Ethnography (3) OR
ANTH 229 Ethnography and Film (3)
ANTH 201 Human Evolution (3) OR
ANTH 204 Human Adaptation and Variation (3)
ANTH 215 Ancient Civilization in the Old World (3) OR
ANTH 235 Ancient Civ in the Americas (3)
ANTH 220 Analytical Linguistics (3) OR
ANTH 231 Sociolinguistics (3)
ANTH 203 Human Osteology (3) OR
ANTH 228 Research Methods in Applied Anthropology (3) OR
ANTH 236 Forensic Anthropology (3) OR
ANTH 282 Qualitative Methods (3) OR
ANTH 283 Quantitative Methods (3) OR
ANTH 305 Field Methods & Techniques in Linguistics (3)
ANTH 310 Classical Theory in Anthropology (3)
ANTH 301 Religion, Society, and Culture (3) OR
ANTH 302 Medical Anthropology (3) OR
ANTH 321 Contemporary Theory in Anthropology (3)

Anthropology electives, four selected under advisement (12) with at least one course at the 300-level.
ANTH 101 can be substituted for ANTH 100 or ANTH 105, but only if Anth 101 is taken before or in the semester the student declares an Anthropology major.

Foreign Language Requirement

3 Semesters college language or the equivalent. Students may fulfill this requirement by taking the language department placement exam. (language through the 201 level)

Minimum Competence Requirement
A grade of C- or better is required for each of the following
courses: All Anthropology courses used in fulfillment of the major.

Department Writing Requirement
Anthropology majors must meet the departmental writing requirement in order to graduate.  The requirement is successful completion of ANTH 201 or ANTH 204.

Bailey 153
SUNY Geneseo
Geneseo, NY 14454

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