Sex Offender Community Notification Background: Please be advised that in the initial community notification dated September 22, 2015,  it erroneusly indicated an address location at the Meadows apartment complex.  As of September 24, 2015, we have indicated the correct apartment complex in the below information. The University Police Department received notification from the Village of Geneseo Police that a Level 2 sex offender is now living at an address other than the one listed with the NYS Department of Criminal Justice Sex Offender Registry. Credible information obtained indicates that the named individual is now residing on Meadow Drive in the Highlands apartment complex. Given the proximity of the residence to the campus and the nature of the offense, this information is being shared with the College community. The individual who is a NYS registered sex offender and is currently living just outside of the campus is identified in the following link:  http://www.criminaljustice.  Since he is not registered for classes, residing on campus or employed on campus, we do not foresee a specific threat to campus safety. Nonetheless, we are sharing this information as an advisory with our students, faculty and staff. Please inform the University Police of any suspicious activity related to this advisory by calling 585-245-5222.

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