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Math Learning Center

Math Learning Center

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The Virtual MLC

The Virtual MLC provides tutoring services for various 100, 200, and 300 level mathematics courses. We do not have drop-in hours and instead you must schedule an appointment with a tutor. Below you will find the details about the specific courses that you can get help with and the names and available times of the tutors.

How to schedule an appointment

  1. Review the courses and available tutors below
  2. Go to
  3. Click "Get Assistance" in the upper right.
  4. In the drop-down menu, select "Academic Support", and the type of service is "Tutoring".
  5. In the next drop-down menu, select "Math Learning Center".
  6. You may only book a half-hour appointment.
  7. As your appointment time approaches, you should expect an email from the tutor with a link for the meeting and any other necessary details.

Available Courses and Tutors

As soon as the schedule is finalized, a list of tutors available for each course will be given here.

Ways to be a Good Tutee

  1. Go to class: take GOOD notes.
  2. Come prepared: look at your assignment BEFORE scheduling an appointment.
  3. Have specific questions ready.
  4. Focus on the method, not merely the answers.
  5. Be an ACTIVE learner.
  6. Have a growth mindset - you don't understand it YET.
  7. Be understanding: tutors are students too.
  8. Review each problem after you finish.

Useful Links

  • Khan Academy
    The Khan Academy contains over 2,000 video lessons. Subjects taught range from basic arithmetic and algebra up through multivariable calculus and linear algebra. There are also computer generated practice problems where you can master everything from adding numbers to using the chain rule.

  • Paul's Online Notes
    If you prefer to read through examples and explanations then this is the site for you. There are extensive notes and examples for Algebra, Calc I through Calc III, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations.