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Upcoming Event:

  • Wednesday February 10th, 3:30pm in South 328 Senior Mac Gray's REU Talk

    • On the Relationship Between the Hennings and Chern-Simons 3-manifold Invariants
      • A 3-manifold is a space which looks locally like R^3 and an invariant is simply a calculation about a topological object, in this case a 3-manifold, which remains the same under different presentations of the 3-manifold (that is no matter how you calculate this invariant it is the same).  My REU was simply trying to prove a relationship between the two aforementioned invariants on a particular class of 3-manifolds.
  • Come celebrate Valentines Day on Tuesday February 16th, 3:30m pm in Fraser Study Area with PRISM!

SPRING 2016!!

Hello all! We are so totally excited that the Spring Semester has started and we can’t wait to get events up and rolling! Here’s a list of some events to keep an eye out for this semester:

Welcome Back Event

Valentine's Day Event

NEW! REU Talks - presentations by Geneseo students who have completed REU's or other math research projects

LaTeX tutorials

Careers in Math Seminars/Info

NEW! Math Mentor Program

Spring Clothing Sale

Hope to see you guys about and active and loving math!

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