Consensual Sexual and Amorous Relations

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Diversity & Equity
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Chief Diversity Officer
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This policy applies to SUNY Geneseo Employees.

Policy Statement

The College prohibits sexual or amorous relationships between SUNY Geneseo employees and students to whom such employees have current professional responsibility. The College also strongly discourages sexual or amorous relationships between employees and students as well as supervisors and non-student employees to whom such employees have current professional responsibility.


General Procedure

On the occasion when a SUNY Geneseo employee is in a supervisory position to another non-student employee where such a relationship exists, it shall be the responsibility of the individual to inform the cabinet-level administrator or President, so that they may be removed from any personnel actions of the employee.

Personnel Actions

SUNY Geneseo employees with status advantage in such relationships could be subject to formal discipline (as provided for in collective bargaining agreements, where applicable) for violating their professional and ethical obligations to a student or employee of the College; to charges of sexual harassment should such a complaint be filed by a party in the relationship; or to charges of discrimination or state ethics changes should another employee claim to be adversely affected by the relationship. In addition, the relationship may expose the individual employee, as well as SUNY Geneseo, to possible legal charges and liability. If an employee has engaged in such a relationship in violation of this procedure, that individual may lose SUNY/state defense and indemnification.

Frequency of Review and Update

Every 2 years

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robbie routenberg

robbie routenberg
Chief Diversity Officer

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