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    Welcome, New Knights!

    You're admitted, so let your Geneseo adventure begin! We have tours and other activities to welcome you as you get closer to your new life as a Geneseo Knight.

    Photo (2015): SUNY Geneseo/Keith Walters '11

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    Campus in Focus

    The SUNY Geneseo Image Store features several galleries of photos and a variety of options for print size, frames, and finishes. Preserve your campus memories and help support Geneseo.

    Photo (2013): SUNY Geneseo/Keith Walters '11

  • Geneseo Dance Ensemble

    Campus in Focus

    Members of the Geneseo Dance Ensemble onstage during the fall semester.

    SUNY Geneseo/Keith Walters '11

  • student researchers

    Campus in Focus

    Students in the Department of Physics & Astronomy conduct research using the 1.7 MV Pelletron accelerator laboratory.

    SUNY Geneseo/Keith Walters '11

  • student with mask

    Campus in Focus

    The downside of masks is that we can't see each other smile. But protecting one another is a far greater act of caring. ❤️

    SUNY Geneseo/Keith Walters '11

Our Commitment to Racial Justice

statements of support and action plans for racial justice

During this current moment of heightened racial unrest and trauma that embodies the scars of systemic racism, we have been looking inward, rearticulating our commitment to racial justice, and developing departmental plans of action to promote anti-racism across the college.

Visit our statements of support and action plans for racial justice for more information.

Office of Diversity & Equity

Upcoming Events

Featured Video

Student Ambassador – Jillian Todd '21

Jillian Todd '21 traveled to Iceland to research elementary schools that follow the Hjalli model of teaching. Hjalli schools seek to liberate children from typical gender roles.

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Discover why there's no place like Geneseo.

See for Yourself

Tours of the Geneseo campus are available every weekday throughout the year and on most Saturdays. To sign up for a tour, register online through the link below or call the Admissions Office at (866) 245-5211.