Mock Interview & Committee Letter

Students applying to Medical School this Cycle:

Please review the steps/procedure as well as be mindful of the deadlines for this application cycle:

  1. Create a "shared folder/drive" on Google Drive. Title it, "YOUR NAME premed" and share it with Dr. Wendy Pogozelski ( and Cheryll Reynolds (  In this folder, you will put your cover sheet, waiver form, resume, transcripts, personal statement (draft is fine) and photo.  All materials must be submitted by May 1.
  2. When the folder is complete, email Cheryll Reynolds and Dr. Pogozelski to inform them that the folder is complete -- again by May 1.  Also include in the body of your email if you need to be on the mock interview schedule or if you have already had one.  We will assign you to a primary composite letter writer from the PreMed Committee.  This person will also interview you during the mock interview.
  3. Once you know who your letter-writer is, you will also need to share the folder in your Google Drive with them.  This MUST be done in advance of your mock interview.
  4. The letter-writer will combine the individual letters of recommendation in your Interfolio account, add items from your interview, resume, and personal statement to complete a composite letter.  The letter will be shared with the rest of the PreMed Committee who will also add items to your letter.

**As a reminder, you will need an Interfolio dossier account to collect your individual letters of recommendation.  Once your account is set up, you will send your individual letter-writers a link to this account in which they will upload the letter of recommendation they have written.  You will need to call or email Interfolio and say, "Please link my account to Geneseo PreHealth."  Once all of your individual letters are in, you will inform Dr. Wendy Pogozelski via email.  She will download your letters and send them to your PreMed Committee letter-writer.

Please note, you need a 3.0 GPA to request a committee letter.  If you have reasons for a lower GPA and would like to petition the committee for a composite letter, please send an email to Dr. Wendy Pogozelski with your request.