Student Membership Information

The Society is committed to the development of the human resources management (HRM) profession, and nowhere is that commitment more evident than in the student membership program. The student program was created in 1965 to promote mutually beneficial interaction between HRM students and practitioners. SHRM membership offers students the opportunity to supplement their classroom education with real-world knowledge and hands-on experience.

Since the first chapter was chartered in 1965 at Indiana University in Bloomington, the student program has continued to grow. the SHRM student membership program now includes over 340 affiliated student chapters and nearly 8000 student members.

SHRM membership offers students the opportunity to:

  • Participate in chapter projects and activities directly related to the HRM field.
  • Interact with HR practitioners and develop valuable business contacts.
  • Gain access to the latest news, information, and ideas in the human resource field.


The Society offers a discounted student membership rate to allow college students with little or no income to become part of SHRM. Regular professional members of the Society pay annual dues of $160 while student members receive a much lower rate of only $40.

Individuals are eligible for student membership if:

  • They are enrolled in the equivalent of at least six (6) credit hours per term in a degree-seeking program.
  • Their course work, taken or planned, supports a demonstrated interest in HRM.

If your chapter has individuals who would like to join the Society but do not meet the above criteria, you can offer them membership in you local chapter (if your chapter offers this option) and encourage them to join as regular members of the Society. Individuals do not have to be working in HR to join as regular members. the Society offers an associate membership for these individuals. Contact the SHRM Member/Customer Service department or visit the SHRM web site for more information on regular membership. Although only qualified students can join as national student members, everyone with an interest in human resources is invited to join or participate in the Society in some way.

Many non-traditional students will qualify for both student and professional membership and must select which type of member to become. Regular (professional) membership is designed to meet the needs of people currently working in the HR field, while student membership is designed for individuals just exploring human resources and preparing to enter the profession. If an applicant plans to use the membership for work-related support, then professional membership is probably the best choice. The benefits of student and regular membership are different and an active HR practitioner will want to gain full access to all the services and benefits that professional membership offers.

For more information about the benefits of membership or to have any questions answered please either check the national web site or call 800-283-SHRM.