Traditions Playing Cards

Geneseo traditions playing cards were researched and designed by student members of the Undergraduate Alumni Association (UAA) in celebration of SUNY Geneseo's Sesquicentennial (1871-2021). The cards debuted in the fall of 2021 (in conjunction with the college's official 150th anniversary kick-off on September 13). Students and alumni have the opportunity to win a deck of Geneseo Traditions Playing Cards when they attend certain in-person events and programs and by participating online via the "Geneseo Alumni" Facebook page (for alumni) and "UAA-Geneseo" Facebook and/or Instagram (for students).

Special thanks to Maggie Bosco '19 for her original artwork (5 of hearts, 6 of hearts, 7 of clubs, 7 of spades and red Joker).

2 clubs 2diamonds 2spades 2hearts
3clubs 3diamonds 3spades 3hearts
4clubs 4diamonds 4spades 4hearts
5clubs 5diamonds 5spades 5hearts
6clubs 6diamongs 6spades 6hearts
7clubs 7diamonds 7spades 7hearts
8clubs 8diamonds 8spades 8hearts
9clubs 9diamonds 9spades 9hearts
10clubs 10diamonds 10spades 10hearts
jackclubs jackdiamonds jackspades jackhearts
queenclubs queendiamonds queenspades queenhearts
kingclubs kingdiamonds kingspades kinghearts
aceclubs acediamonds acespades acehearts
sponsorcard jokerred jokerblack