Professional Development (PD) Program

The Professional Development (PD) Program is a distinctive four-year, co-curricular requirement which prepares every student for long term success in this competitive job market. These events are a great resource if you are interested in obtaining relevant information regarding the job application process and job searching.

For more information, visit the GOLD page.

To request a Professional Development workshop, fill out the PD Event Form.

Professional Development Event Attendance Protocol

  • Be a participant not just present in the room
  • Arrive before the scheduled start time late arrivals may be prohibited from attending
  • Stay for the entire event it is unprofessional to leave before the event has concluded
  • Focus on the presenter do not bring other work or reading to the event
  • Make sure you bring your Geneseo ID 
  • GOLD Events must be registered for ahead of time

Missing Events: If you think an event is missing, provide the name and date of the event you attended that is missing to the School of Business secretary either in person or email to  If you do not have the name and/or date, we will work with you and the GOLD department to figure it out.