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School of Business Academic Programs

For information about earning a Master's Degree from the School of Business, visit the M.S. in Accounting page.

For information about the 4+1 MBA Programs available between Geneseo and other colleges, visit the 4+1 MBA Programs page.

For detailed course descriptions see the School of Business Undergraduate Bulletin for a program overview.

VentureWorks Entrepreneurship Program


The School of Business offers three majors:  Accounting, Business Administration and Economics.




The School of Business offers a select number of minors to students who are majoring in Accounting, Business Administration, or Economics.

The minors allow students to gain specialized knowledge in a particular field. While not required, a minor is strongly recommended for students who plan to enter careers in finance, marketing, or human resource management.

Economics Minor

View Economics minor course requirements.

The Economics minor is open to students majoring in Accounting or Business Administration.  Non-business majors can pursue an economics minor with permission of the Director of Student Services.  Economics Minor

Finance Minor

View Finance minor course requirements.

Students who complete the finance minor are prepared for careers in fields such as wealth management, sales and trading, fund management, banking and corporate finance. The curriculum is designed to provide most of the content on the CFA level one exam. Students are strongly encouraged to be involved with the Student Managed Investment Fund as well.   Finance Minor

Management Minor

View Management minor course requirements.

In today's complex and competitive business environment there is a need for current and future trained professional managers. The management minor provides students with additional study in general management, operations, and human resources. Students can focus electives in human resource management or entrepreneurship through our VentureWorks program.  Management Minor

Marketing Minor

View Marketing minor course requirements.

The marketing minor exposes students to both academic and practical learning opportunities, preparing students to enter a wide range of careers in the marketing profession. There are several hands-on activities as well as co-curricular opportunities where students work directly with business.  Students who complete the minor pursue careers in agencies as well as in corporate settings.  Marketing Minor
Marketing Conference Photos     Marketing Conference 2019 Video

Business Studies Minor

Not available to Business Administration or Accounting majors.  Students applying for a Business Studies minor must have earned a 3.00 cumulative GPA to be admitted.  The Business Studies minor must be declared prior to the completion of 75 credits.

Minimum Competence Requirement

A minimum grade of C- is required in ALL courses submitted in fulfillment of any School of Business program, including required related courses (such as MATH 213 or 221; PHIL 237; INTD 205). Courses with D grades must be repeated and cannot be used to meet prerequisite requirements.

Professional Development Program Requirements

All School of Business majors are required to participate in and complete all required elements of the Professional Development program by the time they graduate. School of Business students should consult with the department for details on fulfilling this requirement. PD Program Requirements

Department Writing Requirement

Successful completion of your degree will fulfill the department writing requirement.

For further information, please contact the Director of Student Services of the School of Business. For information on writing requirements for “double” or “triple” majors consult the Undergraduate Bulletin under “Multiple Majors” or the Office of the Dean of the College.