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VentureWorks Entrepreneurship Program


The School of Business offers five majors: Accounting, Business Administration, Data Analytics, EconomicsFinance and Marketing.

Minors (all minors require a 2.5 cumulative GPA to apply)
—You must have less than 75 credits to apply for a minor

(You can appeal this policy if you have taken or are registered for 2 or more courses in the minor.)

Accounting Minor

View Accounting minor course requirements

The Accounting minor serves the needs of Finance majors whose career interests lead to a need for specialized knowledge, and for a variety of other students who want to broaden their understanding of business operations.  The Accounting staff analyzed accounting minors at seven peer and peer-aspirant schools and observed that these justifications were common factors in the design and operation of Accounting minors. (This minor is open to all students.)   

Business Studies Minor

View Business Studies minor course requirements

Only available to economic majors and non business majors. The Business Studies minor must be declared prior to the completion of 75 credits. (This minor is open to all students.)

Data Analytics Minor

View Data Analytics minor course requirements

The Data Analytics minor prepares students with the knowledge as well as experience that is relevant for today's data-driven world. The goal of this minor is to provide an opportunity for students majoring in various areas to develop basic data literacy and connect technology, statistics, and quantitative modeling that is needed to unlock the potential of data analysis and improve the ability to transform data into a powerful tool in decision-making. Students will acquire programming skills in R and Python, learning statistical and modeling knowledge, but at the same time apply these skills and knowledge in a variety of contexts. (This minor is open to all students.)

Economics Minor

View Economics minor course requirements

The Economics minor is open to students majoring in Accounting or Business Administration. Non-business majors can pursue an economics minor with permission of the Director of Student Services. (This minor is open to all students.)

Entrepreneurship Minor

View Entrepreneurship minor course requirements

The Entrepreneurship Minor offers students the opportunity to learn and experience the entire entrepreneurship process. Once having learned the process, students have the opportunity to identify and develop an actual new business, which they will pitch in the annual New York Business Plan Competition. 

The minor is comprised of 18 credits. There are four required 3 credit courses and two 3 credit electives. There are 6 electives to choose from, including a course dedicated to Social Entrepreneurship. (This minor is open to all students.)

Finance Minor

View Finance minor course requirements

Students who complete the finance minor are prepared for careers in fields such as wealth management, sales and trading, fund management, banking and corporate finance. The curriculum is designed to provide most of the content on the CFA level one exam. Students are strongly encouraged to be involved with the Student Managed Investment Fund as well. (ONLY available to School of Business majors)

Human Resource Management Minor 

View Human Resource Management course requirements

Today’s complex business environment with significant emphasis on innovation and globalization relies more heavily on the quality of its human resources (HR) than ever before. Therefore, organizations are recognizing the strategic value that their human resource management (HRM) affords them and looking to hire graduates who understand and appreciate it.

Geneseo’s HRM minor will provide students with knowledge and skills that can help them be an effective people manager as well as help them understand how HR provides support for business planning and decision-making. Students with a major and career interest in other areas (e.g. accounting, marketing, finance, economics, psychology, communication) should view this minor as an opportunity to grow their understanding for and appreciation of the value that HR brings to organizations – which will give students the edge they may need to do well in their job search after college, and to do well in their careers when it comes time to lead and manage others effectively. Students interested in a career in the HRM field should view this minor as an opportunity to be well prepared for entry-level HR jobs and are strongly encouraged to get involved in the Geneseo student chapter of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management - affiliated with the national professional SHRM chapter headquartered in Alexandra, VA); for more information visit Geneseo SHRM.

The HRM minor is open to Geneseo students across campus, i.e. majors in and outside the School of Business are welcome (same applies to Geneseo SHRM). All students in the HRM minor must complete 18 credit hours that include 4 required and 2 elective courses. (This minor is open to all students.)

Marketing Minor

View Marketing minor course requirements

The marketing minor exposes students to both academic and practical learning opportunities, preparing students to enter a wide range of careers in the marketing profession. There are several hands-on activities as well as co-curricular opportunities where students work directly with business. Students who complete the minor pursue careers in agencies as well as in corporate settings. (ONLY available to School of Business majors)
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To learn more about how one professor teaches what social media marketing listen to the following video.

Minimum Competence Requirement

A minimum grade of C- is required in ALL courses submitted in fulfillment of any School of Business program, including required related courses (such as MATH 213 or 221; PHIL 237; INTD 205). Courses with D grades must be repeated and cannot be used to meet prerequisite requirements.

Professional Development Program Requirements

All School of Business majors are required to participate in and complete all required elements of the Professional Development program by the time they graduate. School of Business students should consult with the department for details on fulfilling this requirement. PD Program Requirements

Department Writing Requirement

Successful completion of your degree will fulfill the department writing requirement.

For further information, please contact the Director of Student Services of the School of Business. For information on writing requirements for “double” or “triple” majors consult the Undergraduate Bulletin under “Multiple Majors” or the Office of the Dean of the College.