Multicultural Fellows

Victor Borges

Major: Psychology
Year: Junior
Hometown: Walden, NY
Campus Involvement: Orientation Advisor, Pride Alliance, Figure Skating Club,
and Emmelodics ACappella Group
Funny Fact: I've been on an episode of House Hunters as an extra!

Gina Suriano                             

Major: Comm/Sociology
Year: Junior
Hometowm: East Northport, NY
Campus Involvement: APO, Figure Skating Club, Sociology Club, R.A., Orientation Advisor
Funny Fact: I can't frown!

Carolyn Giroud

Major: Accounting
Year: Senior
Hometown: Rochester, NY
Campus Involvement: The Accounting Society, Member of the Royal Lady Knights, Silver level GOLD participant, Student Advisory Board on Volunteer and Service Programs
Funny Fact: I like to always stay busy but can't touch my toes!

Sarah Prieto

Major: Psychology, Early Childhood and Childhood Education.
Year: Junior
Hometown: Bellerose
Campus Involvement: Alpha Phi Omega, Kappa Delta Pi, Pathways Advocate, and Juggling Club
Funny Fact: I spent Independence Day in a little town in Utah where
they asked me to be in their parade!

Santiago Uribe-Cano                        

Major: Psychology
Year: Senior
Hometown:  Schenectady, NY
Campus Involvement: Alpha Chi Rho
Funny Fact: In my 3 years at Geneseo, I've managed to only attend the IB twice.

Marylen Santossantos

Major: Psychology
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Jamaica, NY
Campus Involvement: Varsity Tennis and Sigma Delta Tau
Funny Fact: My favorite show is Grey's Anatomy!

Sarah Martinez

Major: Spanish and Education (adolescent)
Year: Senior
Hometown: East Patchogue
Campus Involvement: WGSU (radio DJ), Gamma Chi Epsilon (co-ed service fraternity), and Women's Action Coalition
Funny Fact: I've been on three different continents in the past two months!

Grace Riveragrace

Major: Psychology and International Relations
Year: Senior
Hometown: Massapequa, NY
Campus Involvement: Treasurer of Psychology Club, Service Committee, Member of the Royal Lady Knights, and Member of Enlace Project Club
Funny Fact: I once got lost on my way to meet some friends at the Geneseo Family Restaurant! Main Street can get confusing sometimes.


Nana Yawnana

Major: Undecided
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Brookly, NY
Campus Involvement: G-Steppas
Funny Fact: I take archery lessons

Elyssa Ramirez

Major: Musical Theater
Year: Senior
Hometown: Marlboro, NY
Campus Involvement: MTC, Exit 8 Acapella and Alpha Psi Omega
Funny Fact: When I was 6, I had to get a Barbie Doll's shoe surgically removed from my nose after I had accidentally gotten it stuck up there. Ooops!

Brittany Brownbrown

Major: Biology (Pre Med)
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Queens, NY
Campus Involvement: BSU, and Ghana Project
Funny Fact: I'm not a fan of jewelry. I've been wearing the same earrings and necklace since I was five!

Carly Mendozacarly

Major: Psychology (Minor: Biology)
Year: Junior
Hometown: Westhampton
Campus Involvement: Alpha Kappa Phi, Co-President of Autism Speaks, Vice President of TIES, and research assistant to Dr. DeHart
Funny Fact: I am an ocean lifeguard during the summer!

Gabriella LaBoy                          

Major: Psychology, minor in Biology
Year: Junior
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Campus Involvement: Starbucks barista, volunteer in Dr. Markowski's neurotoxology lab, TI for Intro to Behavioral Research Methods, worship coordinator for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Funny Fact: I teach kids how to kayak at a camp over the summer and every year a camper flips me over in the water!

Seung Yun Kim                        

Major: French & I.R.
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Little Neck, NY
Campus Involvement: Speech Buddies, ISSS, JCC, GCCC, French Club, German Club
Funny Fact: My first word as a baby was 'oi' which means 'cucumber' in Korean.
I have also attached a picture