SUNY-Geneseo holds among its core values the ideals of community and diversity. The Geneseo Safe Zone program is a reflection of these values, particularly as they pertain to sexual diversity. The Safe Zone program attempts to increase awareness and acceptance of sexual diversity, while providing a resource network for individuals with questions or concerns related to sexuality.

Persons displaying Safe Zone stickers have chosen to visibly identify themselves as allies and are to the best of their ability understanding, supportive and trustworthy. Safe Zone members are committed to treating everyone with the dignity and respect they are entitled to as human beings, regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, gender, level of ability, national background or religion. These individuals are committed to educating themselves about oppression, heterosexism and homophobia, and to combating it on a personal level. Safe Zone members also consult with each other as needed, while maintaining the confidentiality of those they are assisting. Safe Zone members are not trained counselors, but they are good supportive listeners who possess general information regarding sexual diversity and can guide individuals to appropriate campus and community resources and/or support systems.