Wadsworth Auditorium Technical Information



I. House Information

A. Seating




B. Box Office Phone - 585•245•5873 or 800•525•2070

C. Load-in is at southwest corner of the auditorium.


There is no loading dock. Door opening measures 4'6" wide x 6'9" tall. Equipment must be carried or ramped up a short incline, through house aisles (2'9" at their narrowest point), and up 3'6" on to the stage. We do have one ramp available which is 12' long, 28" wide. There is an elevator for wheelchair access which can accommodate cases up to 5' in length.Wadsworth load-in

II. Stage Information

    A. Stage Dimensions

        Proscenium width 32'-8", height 20'-2"

        Plaster line to back wall - 30' (only 22' usable as orchestra shell must be stored against back wall)

        Plaster line to edge of stage - 10'

        Plaster line to edge of pit cover- 15’-6"

        Removable orchestra pit cover - 5'-6"

        Stage width 46'

        SR wing 10' (overhead clearance 9')

        SL wing 9' (overhead clearance 7'4")

        Height of stage above house floor — 3’-7"

        Grid height - 29'

         Orchestra pit - 13'x35' *Stage overhangs orchestra pit 7'6". When removed, pit cover is stored in 5'x5' sections.

    B. Stage floor is suspended edge grain pine, painted black.

    C. Fly system has 25 double purchase counterweight lines, with 16 available.

        Electrics have a hanging limit of 400 Ibs. Regular battens have a limit of 500 Ibs. due

        to arbor capacity.

        There are 4 acoustical ceiling "clouds" which can be folded vertically and flown to grid (See 'H' below for more on acoustical shell).

    D. Masking

        House curtain is red velour traveler operated manually from stage right. 2 sets of legs (black velour), 4 borders (black velour).

    E. Battens are an average of 40' long.

    F. Weights - the house has a total of 5625 lbs. (225 weights) available.

    G. Smoke Alarm System - the house has a VERY sensitive alarm system.   

    H. Orchestra Shell-     Custom orchestra shell is available. The shell consists of 7 tower sections that fit together and take up floor space measuring 12'-6"x10'. When not in use, the towers must be stored against the upstage wall, reducing stage depth by about 6'. In addition, there are 4 "clouds" hung from battens (see lineset page) that store vertically.

   Flame NB: Use of any pyro is prohibited in Wadsworth Auditorium. We are sorry, but it seems an unnecessary risk to our patrons and employees.

. Dressing Rooms

  •     2 stage left - 2 people each
  •     2 downstairs - 8-10 people each
  •     All dressing rooms are equipped with makeup lights and mirrors, sinks and lavatories.
  •     (Coin operated laundromat is 1 block from auditorium.)

IV. Intercommunication

    We have a Production Intercom main station stage right. Up to 7 Clearcom stations are available.