One Knight Student Aid Emergency Fund

Through generous donations of Geneseo alumni and friends of the College, the One Knight Student Aid Emergency Fund assists Geneseo students who are facing financial emergencies. The Fund was initiated in response to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, but is available to students facing any financial emergencies that are affecting their academic and/or personal lives.  The fund offers grants (one-time award) depending on a student's documented financial need. One Knight Apart/Together

Preference will be given to emergency funding for unreimbursed expenses. For example,

  • Unmet medical or dental expenses not covered by insurance including prescription glasses;
  • Travel expenses related to return home following the death of an immediate family member or to be with a sick family member;
  • Need for temporary housing or food;
  • Graduate and professional school applications and required entrance exams;
  • Tuition for summer school or additional classes;
  • Other unexpected emergency needs.

When possible, this fund is meant to be a last dollar grant. That is, money may be granted only after all other avenues of emergency funding (e.g., Temple Hill Loan, federal CARES grant, Camiolo SELF emergency loan) that one qualifies for are exhausted. This is not a mandate, but is a preference.

Please note: any award granted through this Fund will be reported to the Student Accounts office, to the Financial Aid office, and ultimately to the IRS for inclusion on the Form 1098-T. Consult your tax advisor or preparer for how this funding might affect your taxable income. Awards will be considered as a resource and could impact financial aid, if received.

Application Process

Applications must be via a Google Form to the Dean of Students Office. Preference would be given to students who have not received a previous grant from the fund. Preference could also be given to students whose ability to remain enrolled at Geneseo might be at risk.


Applications are reviewed by the Student Emergency Fund Committee on a case by case basis. Funding decisions and decisions to offer grants are made with knowledge of the availability of funds. 

Required Documentation

Provide the Dean of Students office with objective third-party documentation to support the requested emergency funds. This could be an invoice, death notification, bill of sale, and the like.

If granted, then please provide the Dean of Students office with objective third-party proof that the funds were expended for the requested goods and/or services. This could be a receipt for goods and/or services, copy of a plane, train, or bus ticket, etc.