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Languages and Literatures

Exploring a Rich Cultural Tapestry

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The Department of Languages and Literatures at SUNY Geneseo is your gateway to a wealth of languages and cultures. Acquire or improve fluency in one (or more) of the languages we offer. The benefits are multifold: enhanced awareness of other peoples and cultures, increased communication skills, foreign languages as an invaluable asset to any career, and the rewarding feeling of becoming a true citizen of the world. 

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The department offers a B.A. in French and Spanish and minors in French, German and Spanish. The department also coordinates interdisciplinary minors in Latin American & Caribbean Studies and in Central and Eastern European Studies. Language courses are also available in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Latin and Russian. Program options leading to provisional New York State certification (N-6 and 7-12) and to the M.S. degree for teachers of French and Spanish are also available.

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