PreMed/PreHealth Advisement

Geneseo students are assigned a faculty academic advisor for their major of study. PreHealth students are encouraged to not only meet their faculty advisor for advisement in their major, but regularly meet with the appropriate PreHealth Advisor.

Early PreHealth Advisement

Supports PreHealth students prior to applying to Professional schools. 

Academic Planning & Advising
Early PreHealth Advisor
Office: Erwin 106
Schedule an Appointment
Phone: 585-245-5541

Senior PreHealth Coordinator

Supports PreHealth students in the Professional school application process. 

Hristina Nedelkovska
Senior PreHealth Coordinator
Office: ISC 257
Phone: 585-245-6396

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PreMedical Advisory Committee

In addition to the PreHealth Advisors, Geneseo has a PreMedical Advisory Committee that was established to facilitate SUNY Geneseo students getting into medical school.  The main role of the committee is to work collaboratively in writing a committee letter as part of the medical or dental school application. However, the committee is also available to:

  • inform students about what they need to do to get into medical school
  • advise students when they have questions about their preparation for medical school
  • answer questions about the process of applying to medical school
  • write letters of recommendation for students applying to medical school

For additional details on what the PreMedical Committee does, view the Mission of the PreMedical Advisory Committee.

PreMedical Advisory Committee