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Geneseo Legacy Information


SUNY Geneseo highlights and honors our legacy families with two or more family members who graduated from or are currently attending Geneseo. We treasure the ties that bind your family to ours, and enjoy this opportunity to revisit the past and the deep, shared roots that go back decades -- or in some cases, centuries.

The 2022 in-person Legacy Celebration will take place in late August 2022 (during first-year move-in). Attendance is limited to current Geneseo students and their families. Stay tuned for more information.

View galleries from previous Legacy Celebration:

We consider ANY family relation a legacy connection. For example, if your great-uncle attended Geneseo and so did you (regardless of when either of you graduated), you have a legacy connection that we want to celebrate.

Legacy connections include (and you may even find yourself in several of these categories):

  • Parent/Grandparent - Child/Grandchild
  • Aunt/Uncle - Niece/Nephew
  • Siblings and First Cousins

At SUNY Geneseo we celebrate legacy families who are related to a current student with a Legacy Pin, presented to the current student.
We celebrate all other legacy connections virtually during the fall semester.

All college yearbooks have been scanned and are available digitally if you want to search for photos of family members during their time at SUNY Geneseo.

There are two ways to share your legacy information with us:

By completing either Legacy form, you agree to SUNY Geneseo's Photo Release Policy. Your signature on this form is not required.

The deadline to submit your form is 8/1/22.