American Studies Scholarships

Scholarships and Awards


Rita K. Gollin Scholarship for Excellence in American Literature

The Dr. Rita K. Gollin Scholarship provides two awards each year to students who have demonstrated excellence in the study of American Literature. The first is given to junior, announced in the spring and awarded for his or her senior year. The second is given to sophomore, announced in the spring and awarded for his or her junior year. These special awards are funded through an endowment established by Dr. Rita K. Gollin, Distinguished Professor of English Emerita.

Jérôme de Romanet de Beaune Award in Diversity Studies

Awarded for an outstanding essay on a topic in diversity studies.

Women's Studies

The Christine de Pizan Award

The Christine de Pizan Award is presented for the best paper, project, or artwork coming under the interdisciplinary umbrella of Women's Studies written or created for an academic course (this includes Directed Studies) in the Spring, Summer, and Fall of the last academic year. The course need not have had a WMST-prefix; it can be from any department on campus. Essays and other brief papers are welcome and strongly encouraged; the maximum length for an entry is 20 pages including notes. Students drawing from a thesis should trim their work to this length. Any creative works (including fiction or poetry) must be accompanied by an artist's statement that specifies how the work is conceptually grounded in women's studies.