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Thea Yurkewecz-Stellato

Assistant Professor
South Hall 220D
(585) 245-5355
Portrait of Thea Yurkewecz.

Office Hours

Fall 2019
Tuesday 11:30-12:30, 4:00-5:00
Thursday 11:30-12:30
Wednesday by appointment


  • CURR 213: Reading & Writing Process

    This course presents the history of reading and writing instruction, different interpretations of literacy, and the psychology and linguistics of reading and writing processes. Various theories and aspects of language acquisition are explored and related to different literacy methodologies. The student gains practical experience using different literacy approaches and methods in the classroom. The mature reading and writing process is explored with an emphasis on the strategies individuals use when they read and write. Includes field trip component.

  • CURR 388: Exp: Education Advocacy
  • CURR 612: Diagns&Assess-Rdg&Lit:Early Ch

    The course introduces students to principles of diagnosis and assessment in reading, writing, and literacy. Informal and formal assessment instruments are studied and administered. Attention is paid to patterns of reading disability, as well as implications for instruction. The course addresses assessment at the early childhood, childhood, middle childhood and adolescent levels. Students study how to implement district-wide, school-wide, and classroom assessment programs.

  • CURR 634: Literacy Coaching & Leadership

    This course is designed to provide M.S. in Literacy, B-12 candidates the opportunity to experience reading specialist/literacy coaching roles and responsibilities. Topics will include leadership through coaching opportunities, advocacy for effective literacy instruction, and collaboration with teachers and other stakeholders. Emphasis is placed on modeling, observation, demonstration, and analysis with teachers in authentic and diverse instructional settings. Class participants are expected to observe and reflect with peers on literacy coaching principles and strategies designed towards improvement in literacy instruction, leading to enhanced K- 12 student growth and achievement.