Student Payroll

Part-time, temporary employment provides students with valuable work experiences and earnings, while simultaneously providing the College with capable employees. Adherence to policies related to student employment will assure consistency in the application of personnel practice to Student Assistants, and will comply with Federal and State laws and regulations.

 It is especially important to understand the forms and employment paperwork that is necessary to hire and pay student workers. It is the supervisor's responsibility to ensure that all employment paperwork and bi-weekly timesheets are complete, accurate, and turned in on time. Adherence to these procedures will assure consistency in the application of personnel practice.

We hope the materials here provide useful information.  As always, we are available to assist in any way we can.

Student Employment Supervisor Handbook

Forms related to Student payroll can be found here under the Student section

Student Payroll Eligibility

Students on FWS and TS payroll must meet the following criteria:  

Fall and Spring Semester Appointments:

  • Student is currently registered for at least six (6) credit hours*
  •  Student is currently enrolled at SUNY Geneseo

*Student Assistants who do not meet the credit-hour eligibility criteria are not allowed to work.

Summer and Semester Break Appointments

  •  Students must have been enrolled full time the previous semester and be enrolled full time in the next fall semester
  •  Students from other SUNY campuses including Community Colleges may be employed during college vacation periods (summer or semester break) if Geneseo students are not available. A copy of their campus student identification card and official proof of registration at SUNY campus or Community College must accompany the Student Appointment Form.
  • New students who have been admitted to the College may not be employed in temporary service positions in the summer preceding their full-time enrollment.

 If a student withdraws from the College, graduates, is academically dismissed, or is separated by any other method, he/she must immediately stop work. It is the supervisor's responsibility to monitor student enrollment.


Here is a brief overview of what you will need and when to work here at SUNY Geneseo.  

New Hires

This means you haven't worked on campus before regardless of work study or temp service. If you have worked before skip to Rehire section.

What you will need to complete ONLY once:

  1. Form I-9 Employment eligibility form - Must bring forms of identification with the form. Your supervisor or a friend can be your authorized representative. This link will take you to an Adobe document, that will let you complete the I9 as well as your authorized representative complete page 2.  You will need to know who will be completing page 2 for you as you will have to provide their name and email.
  2. W-4 Federal Tax Form
  3. IT-2104 State Tax Form
  4. Retirement Option
  5. Appointment Form  - Students complete Section A ; Supervisors must complete the appointment in Jira for appropriate approvals.
  6. Direct Deposit (optional)**

Once you've completed items 2-6 and your department supervisor has completed the appointment form in Jira all forms should be forwarded to the Payroll Office Doty Hall 318.

Paychecks are no longer available for pickup. All checks are mailed to your home address the week of pay day.  Direct Deposit is a great option, we can deposit to almost any financial institution and if you do not have an existing account Geneseo offers 6 banking opportunities SUNY Geneseo Credit Union, Key Bank, Bank of Castile, Community Bank, ESL and Five Star. 


You've worked on campus before either work study or temp service.

Presumably if you're reading this section you've already completed the forms listed above. The only form that you may need to fill out as a rehire is the Direct Deposit form and Section A of the appointment form.  You will only have to fill out new tax forms if you'd like to change something from one semester to another. 

Appointment Forms

A new appointment form MUST be submitted when the following occurs:

  • Beginning of each Fall semester regardless of previous employment
  • Beginning of each Summer regardless of previous employment

The Appointment Form is the document that actually creates the student payroll record. Timesheets will not be processed unless the appropriate forms have been completed and the student record has been established in the payroll system (SUNY HR). Incomplete appointment forms and/or timesheets received without an accompanying appointment form will be returned to the department and will delay payment to the student.

It is crucial that appointment forms have the correct first day of work which should match the first day of work on the time sheet.