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Student Life Faculty and Staff

Portrait of Chip Matthews
Charles S. Matthews
Senior Director of Student Life
College Union 306
Portrait of Tiffany Brodner
Tiffany Brodner
Associate Director of Student Life
College Union 308
Portrait of Kristina Barsema
Kristina Barsema
Assistant Director of Student Life for Co-curricular Involvement and Townhouses
College Union 305
Portrait of Olivia Guidi
Olivia Guidi
Graduate Assistant for Geneseo Late Knight
College Union 326
Portrait of Marla Ernest
Marla Ernest
Coordinator for Late Night Programs & Activities
College Union 303
Traci Lajoie
Traci Lajoie
Office Assistant I
College Union 321
Geneseo "G" on a grey background (no photo provided)
Secretary 1 for Student Life
College Union 321