In The News

The Communication Department is proud to have witnessed faculty members and students recognized by various media outlets. Below are some of the articles that have been published about the Department and its members.
Please note: publication categories are listed alphabetically, then chronologically from most recent to oldest within each category.

Buffalo News

Canisius hockey twosome displays teamwork that saves lives

Adjunct professor Nate Lull signed up to be a marrow donor, thanks to Canisius hockey player Chris Rumble, and his donation may save a life.

City Newspaper

Dialing it down: local media changes

Professor Michael Saffran is quoted about the Rochester media's local news scene.

Communication Department

Siblings 'team up' on SUNY Geneseo hockey radio broadcasts

Brian and Casey McCormack are brothers who partnered up for three separate radio talk shows and also run commentary on SUNY Geneseo's Ice Knights hockey games.

Democrat & Chronicle

At colleges, elsewhere, radio days aren't numbered

Professor Michael Saffran, who is also the Faculty Advisor for WGSU-FM, had an article published in celebration of College Radio Day (October 1) and the continued evolution of radio.

Geneseo News and Events

Campus Radio Station WGSU Celebrating Golden Anniversary

WGSU, Geneseo's campus radio station, is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year. It was founded February 18, 1963, and celebrations of the anniversary will continue throughout the year.

Geneseo Named to National Community Service Honor Roll with Distinction

Dr. Mary Mohan's ongoing South Wedge project was recognized as a part of the College's Application for President Obama's National Community Service Honor Roll with Distinction.

Geneseo Scene

WGSU celebrates 50 years on the airwaves

In honor of WGSU's fiftieth anniversary this year, Geneseo Scene published an article about the value of working on WGSU. The article features both alumni and students and can be found on page five of the magazine.

Seen and Heard... from Geneseo

A series of articles highlight past WGSU members and where they are now. These articles can be found on pages eight through thirteen of the e-Reader.

WGSU-FM 50-year anniversary

As a web exclusive, photos of both the WGSU station and members over the past fifty years are available in a slideshow. Photos include Professor Mike Saffran, '85, who is the current WGSU Faculty Advisor.

James C. McCroskey and Virginia P. Richmond Undergraduate Scholars Conference

11 Geneseo students present their research in Spring 2014 semester

SUNY Geneseo has a history of participating in this undergraduate conference, which is part of the meeting of the Eastern Communication Association. In 2014, the Department was proud to see eleven Geneseo students present their work.

17 Geneseo students present their research in Spring 2013 semester

SUNY Geneseo has a history of participating in this undergraduate conference, which is part of the meeting of the Eastern Communication Association. In 2013, the Department was proud to see sixteen presentations by seventeen Geneseo students.

The Lamron

Invasion of Privacy: After lifetime of travel, motorcyclist, photographer settles at Geneseo

Dr. Atsushi Tajima is featured in his second Invasion of Privacy article about his lifetime of travel and discovery; he is the jack-of-all-trades, with skill in photography, welding, motorcycle-racing, and flying airplanes.

WGSU takes new direction, increases professionalism

WGSU takes the station in a more "real-world" direction, implementing several changes but keeping the music the same.

Center for Community intern puts on first Greek Night

Senior Kevin Mejia, an intern for the Center for Community, coordinates the campus' first Greek Night on his own

Knight in the Life: WGSU staffers foster innovative sound with diverse tastes

WGSU music director Oliver Horowitz and three assistant music directors (Katy Boland, Nathan Kahn, and Tom Silva) are praised for WGSU 89.3 FM's diverse musical playlist.

Invasion of Privacy: Senior Laura Vitto takes charge of multiple campus media forums

Station manager of WGSU 89.3 FM and managing editor of The Lamron, senior Laura Vitto has been working hard for Geneseo's communication outlets and aspires to be a journalist.

Invasion of Privacy: Senior Erik Talbot dabbles in media both on and off campus, specializes in sports journalism

Erik Talbot, a senior Communication major, has immersed himself in campus media and internships from Albany to Rochester.

Invasion of Privacy: Senior James Costanzo interns at NBC Sports, immerses self in sports journalism

Senior Communication major James Costanzo surrounds himself with campus media, from WGSU to his editing position in on the Lamron. He also interned at NBC this summer.

Invasion of Privacy: Senior Alex Fitzpatrick dedicates himself to the WGSU airwaves

Former Communication student Alex Fitzpatrick rose to station manager of 89.3 WGSU, Geneseo's student-run radio station.

Professor and student partner with developer to help revitalize Springwater

Gabrielle Gosset and Dr. Mary Mohan worked with developer Greg O'Connell to help improve Livingston County's Springwater.

Invasion of Privacy: Atsushi Tajima travels world, regales students with experience

Dr. Atsushi Tajima, assistant professor, has had quite a journey before arriving at Geneseo, doing everything from studying Alaskan Inuits to racing motorcycles.

Livingston County News

College students consider fate of embattled NBC News anchor

Professor Mike Saffran's Mass Media Management class weighed in on the discussion about the suspension of Brian Williams, NBC News anchor.

Group hopes to tap the resources of Springwater

Another article, this time for the Livingston County News, was written about Gabrielle Gosset and Dr. Mary Mohan's work for Livingston County's Springwater.

The New York Times

Resurrecting a Village by Buying Up Main Street

Students of COMN 341 (Public Relations Case Problems) helped to design public relations and marketing strategies for businesses in Mount Morris, enlisted by Greg O'Connell.

Radio World

Photo of the Week: A Cold Day in Geneseo

Professor Mike Saffran was quoted for the Photo of the Week article, which featured the erection of SUNY Geneseo's radio tower for WGSU in 1963.


WGSU and GSTV Begin Weather Partnership

SUNY Geneseo's campus radio station, WGSU-FM (89.3), and student-run television station, GSTV (Channel 4), have partnered this semester for on-air weather forecasts.